Friday, June 18, 2010

Garden Friends

"Butterflies are self propelled flowers."
 ~R.H. Heinlein

A little wren on a child's watering can.

Zazu explores the cosmos "forest".

A dragonfly alights on a salvia flower.

Waiting for a push?

Meemee rests under the Siberian iris.

Ready to pick!

Some beautiful daylilies given to be my a wonderful friend!


Laura said...

Such beautiful photos! I love the dragonfly and the kitty in the cosmos forest. :)

Kath said...

What darling little cats. I particularly like the "Zazu explores the cosmos "forest" pic. The ferny foliage looks somehow out of scale and Lillyputian.

Erica Lea said...

What a beautiful collection of photos! I love the light going through the Cabbage White butterfly! And those look like two very content kitties:-)

Rue said...

The kittens sure know where the cool spots are!

Nice tomatoes - mine are just flowering now!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

WOW - love all these photos. The dragonfly and butterfly shots are just stunning, Jen. I can't believe you have tomatoes already! Although we have harvested all our sour cherries, currants (made fresh currant scones yesterday), and started picking our black raspberries. Early year for delicious garden goodies, it seems. I so want fresh tomatoes now! Enjoy your weekend. :) Theresa

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Love your garden world and the occupants as well! I can't believe you have tomatoes already! We had such a weird cold spring I'm afraid out heirlooms will be late this year.

Thanks for sharing Jen!

JeniQ said...

mmm Tomatos!!!! I LOVE that dragonfly picture!!!! I'd be frame'n that one and hanging on the wall!

Have a great weekend Jen!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

That little wren on the watering can is adorable and you tell such stories with your posts. I like the way you think and I adore your photographs.

Kiki said...

AWww..I love the Cosmo forest...what a super enchanting! they all are..such a sweet and beautiful post! yay! You made my day! Magical!


Lin said...

Ooooh, I love the kitties enjoying the shade under the plants. :) Wish I could fit under there.