Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dog Sitting and Zombie Cardinal

We are watching our friend's dog, Brooklyn, for 2 nights.
 He made such a sad face right after they left
but cheered up after about 20 minutes.
He loves to sit in the yard with me and watch the hummingbirds.

We saw this little hummer this morning.

I don't know how appropriate it is to let a dog drink out of the bird bath but it's relatively clean and I'm sure dogs have lapped up far worse.


Some photos of the mare I part lease, Rosie.
She's a sweetheart!

And here's that zombie cardinal I promised. I think it may be mites.
He gets this way every summer, his wife looks completely normal.
Poor guy, he'll grow it back (I hope).


Robin Larkspur said...

Brooklyn is beautiful. The bird bath water is probably pleasantly flavored! I love when you post photos of Rosie. Gosh, I feel terrible for the cardinal, never seen that before. Zombie is right! Or else he is truly hen-pecked!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Poor little birdie!!

I love the pics of the fur baby! Sweet pup and the horse is so beautiful and majestic!


Lin said...

Hey! I'm dog-sitting too! We let Sammy drink out of the pond--I think he likes that fish-flavored water. :) Aw, heck. I let him do stuff here that he probably isn't allowed to do at home--that is what vacation is for!! Even for dogs. :)

Deborah Adams,Long Beach, California. said...

Some of our Lady Gouldian's go bald in the summer as well. No mites and the vet can't find the issue either so... maybe they really are Zombified! lol
Brooklyn has a great face. :-)

Kristen said...

That poor cardinal, they are so majestic and he looks like a bum!

How did your cats do with a dog in the house? Mine would have been hissing the whole time

Spiritartartist said...

Hey Jen - Looks like Brooklyn is enjoying his stay and vice versa! Glad to see you still have hummers and I always enjoy seeing shots of Rosie. Poor Cardinal though. I feel bad for him!! I think you said your 13th wedding anniversary is today! Wishing you both many more years of love and happiness!!

Margaret said...

Well, that zombie bird just steals the show. LOL

Studio at the Farm said...

Jen, wonderful photos! I cannot believe the zombie cardinal; that's exactly what he looks like - amazing!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Great photos, as always. What a sweet dog. I love that you always manage to capture hummingbirds on film. What a beauty! I've never seen a "zombie" cardinal...poor fella. Hope he gets all his feathers back soon!

Totally Timmy said...

Your visitor looks pretty happy!
The mare is so pretty. The cardinal is lucky to have a loving

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Jennifer, You take the best pictures!! You also paint the best pictures though...I can't believe you captured the photo of the cardinal ...looks like a baby.

Dom said...

That dog has the sweetest face. D'aw.