Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jumpers at Quentin

I was at the Quentin Riding Club this weekend for their fall hunter/jumper show and lucky me had a vendor table right near the action! I got some really wonderful shots of the jumpers (too far from the hunter ring) with my new Canon Rebel t3i. Did I mention how in love I am with this camera?

Click on the shot below, looks much cooler in a larger image.

Someone is trying to say that they are done jumping for the day...

Every rider I watched gave a pat to their partner as they left the area.
 I love those shots.

This horse's expression belongs on canvas!

Another great series of action shots.
This horse came in a bit too close to the jump but they made it!

Such a kind expression on this chestnut.
Don't you want to just give him a kiss?

The red barns of Quentin made for a nice backdrop to some shots.

Picture perfect grey jumper.

And another beautiful horse and rider team.

An adorable pony warming up in the hunter ring.
 Too cute not to include.

What delight
To back the flying steed, that challenges
The wind for speed! - seems native more of air
Than earth! - whose burden only lends him fire! -
Whose soul, in his task, turns labour into sport;
Who makes your pastime his! I sit him now!
He takes away my breath! He makes me reel!
I touch not earth - I see not - hear not. All
Is ecstasy of motion!
~James Sheridan Knowles

I don't know how I get into show photography, but it would sure be a dream job:)
I posted a few more photos from the day on my Facebook Page.


Anonymous said...

Amazing shots! I love them all, especially the one where that horse has definitely had enough. :)

Spiritartartist said...

All wonderful shots Jen! I enjoyed every one and definitely can tell you were in horse heaven; having a super fun time!!

Margaret said...

Oh, I thoroughly enjoyed that! Thank you. I loved the poem as well.

Marydon said...

You captured the events beautifully ... makes me feel as tho I am there, Jennifer.
We have a riding jumper stable right near us. I love going by & watching the performances.

Have a beautiful holiday ~

Veronica Lodge said...


Kat_RN said...

Lucky girl! You took some great shots there
Can't wait to see what you do with them.

Studio at the Farm said...

Oh Jennifer, I felt the old adrenaline rush I get when I watch the jumpers. Your photos are superb! You and your new friend [camera] should definitely be doing professional show photography. You seem to capture all the moods of the horses and riders so well. BRAVO!!

Dom said...

Love the detail in these.

Rue said...

What great shots! Looks like you had a fabulous day. Hope your vending was successful too!

Carolee said...

These are stunning!

Erica Lea said...

Beautiful series! I see several potential paintings for you - so many great face:-)

juliette said...

Thank you very much for sharing your lovely photos. Quentin brings back so many childhood memories - I don't think I ever showed there, but it seems like I spent many summer days there watching.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Beautiful photos Jen! Brought back a lot of memories. In the mid-70's we lived in Kutztown, PA training saddlebreds on a private job. Quentin was always a favorite show.

allhorsestuff said...

Pretty spectacular subject athletes ,in that wonderfully colorful setting! Wow you really should try to see if you may break into that jumping scene ( amidst all your vast talents) it would be exciting!

Were you using a tripod? What is your new camera again?

Loved this visually , so creative!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures of a wonderful day. Love all the horses, they would make lovely paintings.