Thursday, November 10, 2011

Twister & Rosie

Twister is a twenty-something POA (Pony of the Americas) gelding that lives at the barn we visit.
Zoe just loves him and he is as sweet as he looks. 

Of course we still love Rosie too! Zoe is getting better at controlling her in the indoor. 
She looks so tiny on that big horse, makes me a bit nervous!
She had lost interest in the barn for several months but wanted to visit last week. On the way home she said that she forgot how much she liked horses. 

Photos edited with Picnik

Last week I completed my first holiday sign of the season (sold). 
As with all my work now, I show it first on the Gypsy Mare Studios Facebook page
Working on a Shire now and hope to complete a Appy Holidays sign soon too!


Spiritartartist said...

Great horse shots, Jen. . . And of course, we LOVE your sign!! Partial to Pintos ~ Sandy :-) & Rita :-D

Studio at the Farm said...

Jen, your photos of Zoe with Twister and Rosie are adorable! And I do love your holiday sign - very attractive!!

Crystal Cook said...

I love those photos Jen. Your little girl looks so cute on that big horse. :) And your holiday paintings are my faves. I can't wait to see the shire one.


How sweet that Zoe recognized how much she liked horses. I love sepia and black and white photos. They create a mood that evokes so much emotion. GORGEOUS. Your sign is enchanting. WOW. Sold already. Can't wait to see more. Take care.

Zan Asha said...

Oh, I remember the pics on FB--so poignant. I love horses too. Unfortunately, they really aren't wandering around my "neck of the woods."

And that sign!! AMAZING! HOPE you are enjoying Fall!

Smiley said...

Fantastic photos! Just adorable! Thanks for sharing them!

Lin said...

She's a lucky gal to have horses in her life! I'm sure little girls all over envy her that!!

Lovely shots of her on the horse. :)

Margaret said...

The last photo of her riding with her back to us is spot on amazing! Love the sign.