Friday, January 27, 2012


Lately it seems that all I can think about is taking photos. When I'm not thinking about taking them, I'm thinking about editing them. I have thousands on my computer so this pretty much takes up all my free time. I am consumed with thoughts of photography. I lay in bed and night unable to sleep because I'm thinking about what I can photograph and how; where I can go and when. Driving in the car I see all sorts of things I want to stop and shoot but it would take hours to get anywhere if I did this. It's starting to worry my husband. Things aren't getting done that need to get done. Unfortunately it's not something that pays the bills (yet... I'm hopeful).

So earlier this month I was on the moon when I received word that I won a first and a third in The Horse of Delaware Valley's annual photocon. If you live in the PA, MD, DE and love horses you are probably quite familiar with this publication, it's been around for years. When I was a child I would cut out all the free horse and pony ads in the back and tape them to the fridge. I poured over that paper and cut out every pretty picture. I started entering their contest nearly 20 years ago. A few times I was a finalist and in 2008 I came in third in the action division. I never won a first... until this year. I think I'll use my winning to buy a ticket to Nevada to see my grandmother this summer (and maybe find some wild horses to photograph when I'm out there).

My photo of Pumpkin Pie chasing a squirrel was in the latest issue, chosen as a finalist .

My third place photo pf a hose jumping a Halloween/autumn themed obstacle at Fair Hill Three-Day.

 This photo I took at Devon in 2008 received a third place award in the action category. 
I still can't believe how intense that sunset was!

Another finalist photo from waaay back in 2000. The bay horse was my thoroughbred, Pewter's Bill. 

So I don't know where this is all going. I have no training, I just do what feels right. 
I have an okay camera but definitely not professional equipment. 
Perhaps its given me a little bit of encouragement to keep on clicking!
 To see more photos, visit my Flickr page or watch this You Tube video I put together today.


Margaret said...

I am truly thrilled for you. You have an amazing eye and tell your husband passion isn't a bad thing... wink, wink... :)

Margaret said...

I just watched the You Tube video and found it inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful. I believe in you ... you have SUCH talent!

BeBe said...

Ok, first I want to say Congrats! Secondly, I want to say you are one of the MOST talented photographers I have EVER seen.

I think you need to pursue this...maybe set up some large prints at an art gallery or something...all of your photos speak out to the audience. You can see how passionate you are through your work, and the work is amazing because of this!

Get out there and do it!

Studio at the Farm said...

Jen, I am so very happy for you!!! I find your photography to be truly inspiring and evocative, and most professional. It is so difficult, if not impossible, for someone who does not have the same depth of passion for your art to understand the call. I hope you chase down and catch your dream.

Maria's Watercolor said...

You are so very talented and such have such a sensitive look into the animals you photograph, delightful!

De la Renaissance said...

How awesome...congratulations on the win Jen!!!

I've shown my DH your images...and we both agree. You certanly can be one fantastic professional photographer!!!

You go girl!!!


Years ago I got paid to take pictures for the local paper. I was a reporter. I had GREAT equipment to work with. Mostly shot in B&W. These days everything I do is just with my cellphone. When I first saw your photos they literally took my breath away. You have an amazing gift. Your photos not only capture the moment, they tell a story. I wish you continued success. And will be following you every step of the way.

juliette said...

Congratulations!!! I can tell you that you will succeed with this. Anything that keeps you awake in thought is THE Thing! This happened to me when Maizie was young and I was working on a painting. I was always up all night with excitement. Now, it is the horses keeping me awake.

Enjoy - all your photos are spectacular!

Linda said...

I've been following your blog for a few years now and your photographs have only gotten better, which I didn't think was possible since they were already so good. You've always had an eye for it. I'd hire you in a second to take pictures of my equines!!! Do you put your pictures on cards and sell them that way? Posters with inspiration quotes. I have no doubt you'll make a living at it if you want to.

fernvalley01 said...

wonderful ! Congratulations!

Lin said...

The only thing that surprises me is that you haven't won more often! You have a keen eye for great shots and you are like one with your camera. I certainly think you have a future in making money doing this. Definitely.

CameraCruise said...

Beautiful photos.