Sunday, May 27, 2012

Devon Horse Show

Thursday marked the opening day for The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair. The day started out cool and in the 60's and quickly progressed to hot and humid high 80's. In the afternoon a strong storm blew over  making for some dramatic photos. 

Once again Elizabeth from Caracol Jewelry has asked me to display my artwork in her booth at Devon. 
This year I chose 5 photographs to show. I thought they worked well with the space and beautiful jewelry. 
Thank you Elizabeth for taking the following 3 photos, I left in the middle of a storm and didn't get the chance!

The Devon Horse Show IS my happy place. I will probably never get to show a horse there so I am very grateful to get to show my horse art. It is a dream come true!


Dom said...

Sad I missed it this year. Your photos take my breath away though.

Margaret said...

Quality horse show, quality photos! Wow. The storm clouds really "worked" for you ;)

Margaret said...

I went to your flicker of the show. WOW. Blue Hat, Waiting capture a moment so well... I love them all. You must have been in heaven.