Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back in the Garden

My last several posts have been all about horses so I thought
it was safe to go back to some garden photos.
Above, my black hollyhock just started to bloom.

I pulled this radish from the garden recently and when I was washing it I discovered a butterfly!

The bees and butterflies love this knautia.

My neighbor's cat thinks our yard is his now.

Love these guys!

 Russell the box turtle in my Mom's garden.

Okay, two more photos from the Devon Horse Show.
These are the last two photos I took on the very last day of the show.
I'd love to have that rusty metal horse head and I really like  how the vendor hung flowers around it's neck.

A lovely memory from the end of a great show.


Studio at the Farm said...

Jennifer, your garden photos are wonderful! Russell looks like a character. [for a turtle}

Bovey Belle said...

HOW many plaits?!!! When I grew up, it was 6 plaits plus the forelock (= uneven number). When I helped with a friend's show ponies, we might do a dozen or so - main sections half the width of the mane comb. Those ickle plaits must be a finger's width of mane!

P.S. Your garden's looking beautiful.

Nancy said...

Lovely new photos! So glad you and Zoe found great ways to beat the heat too!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

I just love your garden photos! :) You have a "magical" thumb. Guess what? I spotted a hummingbird in the yard today. We'd love to get a feeder - but we're worried about attracting yellow jackets. Has that been a problem at all? That turtle is just amazing. What a cutie. :)